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 Project overview

My Role: Project Leader 
Project Timeline: 2.5 Weeks

Endeavour Group want to create a unique online experience for people to learn more about the company that helps to attract top talent into their business and share their story.


Primary audience:


  • 18-35 year olds, looking for corporate innovation career opportunities within Product, design, data and technology.

  • Endeavour Group Team members looking for career pathways into EndeavourX


Secondary audience:


  • Prospective Investors

  • Endeavour Group Shareholders

Design Process

 Project brief

Primary Objective:
Secondary Objective:
  • Build online Brand awareness and presence for EndeavourX

  • Support prospective candidates to learn more about EndeavourX

  • Provide pathways to search for and to apply online for roles

  • Increase Brand awareness of Endeavour Group

Key Deliverable:
  • Research insights and recommendations report

  • Concept definition

  • What is the idea

  • What is the objectives of the idea/solution

  • How it works, etc

  • User flows

  • UI library/style guide for EndeavourX Brand

  • High fidelity, interactive prototype of solution

Problem Statement

EndeavourX has limited brand recognition in the market. Prospective candidates and existing Endeavour Group team members want to be able to easily find information about EndeavourX online as part of their job search, but there is limited information available.



Desktop Research

Desktop research was conducted to look into EndeavourX's industry, the Australian job market and competitors to gain an understanding of the problem space.


The research uncovered that the Australian job market for tech talent is competitive, with many candidates interviewing for multiple roles at a time. Employers need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Online Survey
  • 50 survey respondent job hunters aged 18-35

1:1 Interviews
  • 6 x 1:1 interview Job hunters age 21-37 

  • 7 of EndeavourX employees

Competitor Analysis
  • Deep research into organisations like Wesfarmers, Google, Atlassian, Afterpay and others

Research Finding Overview

32% of people found their job through career websites, 28% via referral and 20% via LinkedIn

Salary and career development were the most highly rated deciding factors when choosing between employers

"It is very important for me to understand who works there. I want a social firm with people who are similar aged and a mixed diversity."

"I’d like to see something real on their website, like a 90 sec - 2 minute video of videos of current employees talking about their day."

85% of people said 'company website' when asked how they found out about a company

“80% of time I’m browsing through job ads through my phone."

63% of people were unable to find information about EndeavourX on the Endeavour Group website

55% of people were unable to find a job with EndeavourX via the careers portal

32% of people found their job through career websites, 28% via referral and 20% via LinkedIn

Collecting Inspiration




Meet our Persona

Insights uncovered through research synthesis were used to develop a key persona representing a prospective candidate for EndeavourX.


Journey Map

A journey map was developed to show Michelle's frustrations and to get a sense of how we could assist her to have a better job hunting experience with EndeavourX.

journey map.jpeg



Ideation workshop

An Ideation Workshop was held for Michelle in view of generating as many ideas as possible to try and address their job hunting needs. During the session, we explored the following 'How Might We' statements:


 Ideation Workshop Insights:


Key workshop ideas were summarised, categorised and grouped into key themes.

1. Some short video introduction of leadership

2. personality quiz

3. FAQ questions

4. Online articles

5. Content related to company culture

6. An interactive walk-through library

  1. Help Michelle to find information about EndeavourX online in a short time?

  2. Convey the culture at EndeavourX in a way that resonates with Michelle?

  3. Help streamline the job application process for EndeavourX?

 How Might We ..........



Concept definition

Now it't the time to decide the design solution(s) for EndeavourX which is having their own website not with Endeavour Group, but be linked to Endeavour Group to show the connection to some well-known brands like Dan Murphy or BWS. because:

  1. Michelle was unable to find any information about EndeavourX online, as EndeavourX does not have an online presence.

  2. The Endeavour Group website does not resonate with Michelle as it looks basic and not attractive enough to absorb tech savvy.

  3. Michelle found it very difficult, confusing and complicated to find and apply for EndeavourX roles using the Endeavour Group career portal.

I.a (Information architecture)

After Design Solution, the information to address Michell's pain points, needs to be structured as:

Objective for the website:

  1. Create an easy pathway to find and apply for a job at EndeavourX.

  2. Help Michelle to learn more about EndeavourX

  3. Make EndeavourX  tech-friendly (Visually

Final Decision 

Job Application Stages:

How EndeavourX hire

Home Page

  • About EndeavourX

  • Projects

  • Our Brands

Consideration and evaluation

Information Search

How to apply

Brand Awareness

Career Portal

Hiring Process

  • Team Structure

  • Meet our Tribes

  • Day in the life

  • How we Hire

  • Our recruitment process

  • Interview tips

Our Culture

  • Our values

  • Why work with us

  • Benefits

Our tribes

  • Team Structure

  • Meet our Tribes

  • Day in the life

  • FAQs

User flow 

user flow.jpeg
Concept Definition:
  1. A quiz was developed to help provide engaging, interactive content to assist with career pathway finding at EndeavourX.

  2. Articles that speak to 'A day in the life' of an EndeavourX employee.
  3. Short videos and articles that speak to what each Tribe does, and an overview of the Agile team structure.

  4. Articles and videos that assist prospective candidates in understanding the hiring process at EndeavourX, and get answers to common questions.


A user flow were then developed to confirm the paths that Michelle would take when using the ideas being developed from the Ideation Workshop.

Visual Design

Low-Fidelity Prototype:

Develop a'careers' website for Endeavour X, which includes general company information, an insight into the company culture, the teams, and a pathway to apply for careers.

Below is some example of LOW FIDELITY prototypes that user tested at early concept stage.

low fid.png
EndeavourX Portfolio (4).png
Mid-Fidelity Prototype:

Some decisions we made about the visual style:

  • We decided to go with the current brand identity (based on materials provided to us by Endeavour Group).

  • As the website is targeted towards a younger audience (18 to 35 year olds), we decided to make the website professional but have a fun element.

  • We stayed close to the colour palette of EndeavourX. We decided to use the 'X' feature a motif on the website for consistency.

After many iterations and feedback loops, here we have two different MID-FID design.


User testing was undertaken to determine the elements of each mid-fidelity version, with regards to the layout that appealed the most to Michelle.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype:

User Testing Feedback:

  • 4/5 people said it’s good to have a mix of video and text to explain the hiring process.

  • 4/5 people said they love the picture next to 'About EndeavourX'.

  • “They look like they’re friends and workmates, they look goofy and enjoying their work”.

  • 4/5 people the homepage has a “techy” feeling to it.

  • 5/5 people they can clearly understand EndeavourX’s brands.





Future roadmap


Throughout the development of the career portal, a few key insights came up in our secondary research for future. This included having the ability to login to the careers portal and 'like' or 'save' jobs. We also felt that integrated interview scheduling via apps like Calendly could be useful to help fast-track interviews, knowing candidates are often interviewing for multiple roles

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