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 Project Overview

Project Timeline: 2 Weeks Sprint
My Role: End-to-End UX/UI Designer  
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CHATBOT EVOLUTION is a project for one of the biggest Alcohol retailer and one of the most high profile clients in Australia.

The company had released a chatbot for their consumer facing website, but it wasn't getting the levels of engagement.

The CHALLENGE of this project is to explore and understand why and what could be done to improve it and also, to find out the new opportunities for the chatbot to exist as a way of engagement for their customers, so that customers feel fore connected to their brand in addition to the existing purpose as a self-service channel.


 Project brief

Primary Objective:
Secondary Objective:
  • Explore new ideas and opportunities fo the chatbot as an engagement tool towards the pathway to purchase.

  • Improve the current conversation flow of existing service capabilities.

Project Audience:
  • Customers aged 18 years and above.

Key Deliverable:
  • Research Insights on the explorations (e.g.competitive reviews)

  • Solution/Concept Definition

  • 1. What is the idea?

  • 2. What is the objective of the idea?

  • 3. How it works, etc?

  • UX Solution flows (e.g. conversation flows, screen flows)

Problem Statement

People are reluctant to Engage with Dan Murphy's Chatbot's, as they consider them to be a self service channel used only for addressing problems.



Desktop Research

Accurate research was conducted looking into Alcohol Industry Trends, Competitor Analysis and Chatbot Users to try gain a deeper understanding of the marketplace.

Customer research was conducted through surveys and 1:1 interviews to obtain data on customer buying habits and chatbot experiences to try and uncover their frustrations and needs.

Online Survey
  • 75 survey respondent users aged 18+

1:1 Interviews
  • 12 x 1:1 interview through Zoom

Competitor Analysis
  • Deep research into alcohol retailers like BWS Liquorland, etc.

Research Finding Overview
  • More industries are integrating chatbots into their business processes.

  • Bots are a critical resource for enhancing the consumer experience and providing excellent customer service.

  • Chatbots are transforming the ways businesses connect with current and prospective customers.

  • From research in customer service, marketing and selling, Chatbot have feasibility and necessity in Dan Murphy's service.

  • 76% of people listed price as a key consideration when purchasing alcohol. This was the leading consideration, followed by convenience.

  • 48% of people, apart from news about discounts and offers, said information about regional-specific products, and 43% said new and trending products are retail topics which is interesting.

  • Online customers generally had standard choices and would buy the same items out of habit, or to avoid wasting money on products they don't like.

  • In-store buyers appreciated receiving recommendations and advice on products, based on the vendors personal experience or product knowledge.

  • Many users expressed frustration about the limited accuracy of chatbot responses. Many saw chatbots as "a glorified search bar".

Research Finding Overview

From our research findings, we found that there is an opportunity to make the chatbot more like an in-store Dan Murphy's team member . Someone friendly with product knowledge. Our goal to make  the online experience same as in-store experience.

So, we focussed on features that would help to evolve Murphy into more than just a "glorified search bar".

This led us to come up with a new problem statement:

"How can we bring the in-store experience online, and make interaction with the Murphy chatbot more personable, knowledgeable and engaging?"

Collecting Inspiration



Meet our Personas

Isights uncovered through research synthesis were used to develop three key personas representing Dan Murphy's customers and staff.

A stay at home mum, a young tech savvy as our primary personas and a friendly knowledgable Dan Murphy's sales assistant as a secondary one.

Copy of Dan Murphy Portfolio (2).png

Amelia prefers the friendly and knowledgeable product advice that she receives in-store. She finds the product recommendations though the existing 'Help Me Find A Wine' feature quite limited for her price point.


Paul finds the chatbot to be more like a "gloried search bar". He finds the chatbot unhelpful when it comes to showing him what's new and trending at Dan Murphy's and wants more curated information.


Jamie is a friendly and enthusiastic customer experience manager at a busy flagship alcoholic drinks retailer that serves as a hub for on-line orders for surrounding suburbs.

Journey Map

journey map was developed to give a window into the lives of Amelia and Paul and to get a sense of how we could assist them to have a better online drinks purchasing experience.

 It shows that Amelia and Paul are unable to get the information they need using the chatbot, and find the chatbot to be like a "glorified search bar".

They prefer to visit Dan Murphy's store to get product advice from a friendly and knowledgeable team member.


Amalia's Journey Map

Amalia & Paul's Pain Points
  1. Paul, like many millennials love engagement via gamification.

  2. He likes to socialise with his friends and talk about the latest trending products he’s tried.

  3. Through the research survey findings , price & convenience are still the main driving factors of alcohol purchase

  4. Being a millennial like Paul and into his online research, he would like to bring the online experience in-store when he’s browsing.

  5. Paul would like some help with navigating the myriad of products in store without having to talk to anyone.

  6. Engage adventurous customers, like Paul to try new products via chatBot.

  7. Amelia is frustrated with the dead end solution that the current chatbot gives.

  8. She needs chatbot to provides recommendations just like an in-store sales staff does. so she can finalise her purchase with minimal effort.



Ideation workshop

2 ideation workshop were held for Amelia and Paul in view of generating as many ideas as possible to try address their online drink shopping needs. We came up with two 'How Might We' statements:

 Ideation Workshop Insights:


 How Might We ..........

1. How might we help Amelia to have a more personalised chatbot experience?

2. How might we help Paul to have a more engaging chatbot experience (i.e. less like a "glorified search bar?)

Insight Findings Overview

Key workshop ideas were summarised, categorised and grouped into key themes.

To understand  and  synthesise the data we put all the ideas into a MVP Matrix to assess the impact of features against cost.

The ideas on the right, we identified it's better, easier and faster to use the existing design system. The ideas on the left were moving into blue sky thinking, such as augmented reality features.


After getting feedback from Dan Murphy's team, Dan Murphy was happy for us to make a decision on either one 'north star' idea or a combination of a few chatbot features.


Final Decision 

Trivia Game

A Trivia Game as a way to increase customer engagement through gamification.

Customers can play to collect points or win discounts to use it in their shopping.

Murphy Virtual Cellar

Murphy's Virtual Cellar to bring the 'in-store experience' online. The virtual cellar provides information about the products and transform Murphy into a knowledgeable product expert.

Murphy Assist

Murphy Assist to bring an in-store guide. This feature helps customers to find the products in-store and quickly access online product back stories and reviews by scanning the product barcode.

Concept definition

Now it't the time to decide the design solution(s) for Amalia and Paul:

Engagement via gamification:


  • By playing the drinking trivia and re-engagement by getting an email with a discount code. Discount/free shipping incentive for the price conscious customers.

  • Via a fun and light-hearted cocktails inspiration game. All recommended drinks link directly back to the website, providing a pathway to purchase.

  • Via a fun quiz to find the perfect drink to match their personality.



User flow 

User flows were developed to confirm the paths customers would take when using ideas being developed.

user flow.jpeg
Concept Definition:
  1. A quiz was developed to help provide engaging, interactive content to assist with career pathway finding at EndeavourX.



    Articles that speak to 'a day in the life' of an EndeavourX employee.
  3. Short videos and articles that speak to what each Tribe does, and an overview of the Agile team structure.

  4. Articles and videos that assist prospective candidates to understand the hiring process at EndeavourX, and get answers to common questions.


Visual Design

Low-Mid Prototype:

Once we made the final decision, I started with the basic wireframes using Figma to create wireframes for each prototype. I noticed that Dan Murphy has hundreds of cocktail's recipes, but most of the customers haven't seen them before. I came up with this idea that we can use those recipes' link in our chatbot and also convert Dan Murphy's existing assets as Sketch files into Figma and prototype the new ideas into the existing Murphy design system.

After creating some lo-fi frames, I started the visual design. I  worked on the "How to Make a Cocktail" concept and used my retail experience and provides a pathway to purchase the base, and gives Dan Murphy the add on sale opportunity.

IEOGrR1qla0yW2Vf (1).png
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 1.23.39 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 2.00.57 pm.png
Frame s7.png

Prototype User Testing:

Some decisions we made about after testing each prototype with 5-7 Amalias/Pauls.

After many iterations and feedback loops, I priorities the required changes based on the most valuable ones in the limited time frame I had available.

Copy of Dan Murphy Portfolio (4).png

User testing was undertaken to determine the elements of each mid-fidelity version, with regards to the layout that appealed the most to Amalia and Paul.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype:

After many iterations and feedback loops, here we have the final prototypes.

1. Help me Make a Cocktail

  • It's engagement and interactive via gamification and encourage the customers to be more engaged with Murphy, with just some simple questions. 

DM-cocktale taste.png
Frame 7.png
Frame 12.png

2. Murphy Assist

  • Now Murphy is an online product expert and an in-store product guide if you take him shopping with you using the Dan Murphy's App.

  • He can help customers to find the products they are looking for in-store and to quickly access online product reviews by scanning the product barcode.

Scanning Barcode.png

3. Murphy Virtual's Cellar

  • Now Murphy is also a knowledgable sales assistant as well

  • He can help customers to find the products they are looking for. Just tell him what you like and he get back to you with some suggestions like latest trending products.

Frame 3.png
Frame 5.png

Future Roadmap

6 Months:

  • Consider introducing a library of different chatbot ‘faces’ (in addition to Christmas and face mask), and reviewing conversational scripts every 6 months – to keep the Murphy bot dynamic, larger than life, and changing with the times.

  • Conduct additional user testing on Murphy Bot - to improve usability and accessibility

  • User interface – consider the use of colour accents and imagery to reduce reading fatigue.

12 Months:   

Earn with DM-Chatbot:

  • Implement a DM loyalty membership point scoring system for added incentives

  • Conduct additional user testing on XMBot - to improve usability and accessibility

  • User interface – consider the use of colour accents and imagery to reduce reading fatigue.

Drinks Inspiration:

  • Integrate cocktail inspiration recipe finder within “Help me find a Wine ”.

  • Recommendation for the current website to filter cocktail results the same way as the Murphy Bot Cocktail Inspirations so results match.

Support Engagement with Integrated App.

  • Recommend exploring Murphy bot integration with apps like Facebook Messenger and delivery providers like UberEats and Deliveroo for Food Pairing opportunities.

Project Summary

Copy of Dan Murphy Portfolio (5).png
Client Feedback:
After hand over the project to the Product Manager, we got another opportunity to re-present the project to the Endeavour Group Leadership, HR and Design team and received some amazing comments following our presentation like:
"We're definitely going to take some of these ideas and look at how we can take these into our roadmap".
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